Testimonials & References

Uta's images get to the heart of things. She provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and helps bring to light exactly what is needed for each shoot. (...) Working with her feels like a collaboration, a dance, a conversation. And the results show her care.

Liz Allbee, Musician & Composer

I was recommended Uta by Stéphane Bauer, director of the Kunstraum Kreuzberg, with whom I worked on projects at the NGBK for a long time, and by Simon Marschke, cultural mediator, in the mid-2000s. (...)
We've been working together for 10 years now - all my Berlin projects (I live half of the time in Geneva) have been accompanied by Uta's photography.

It's not just Uta's approach that I find empathetic, intelligent and focussed, but also the high level of concentration, clarity and ability to collaborate that I value in our work together. Uta takes her time, is never in a hurry or hectic at work. She asks questions, makes suggestions, shows the image idea and then continues to work autonomously.
The photos have always impressed me - whether it was for print media or the website, we never had to repeat anything. She also took funny portraits of us authors for the cover of a Merve book back in 2016.'

The fact that Uta herself is a very interesting artist, whose own development I always observe, is therefore an advantage, as our conversations around a photo shoot situation don't just revolve around the assignment, but also repeatedly digress into the world between art and life. In the meantime, Uta has become a friend who I would like to meet more often if we weren't both at home in other countries.

Katharina Hohmann, artist & professor

What I particularly like about Uta's way of working is her clarity, professionalism, enthusiasm and of course her creativity. - The way Uta works with light, colours and materials really impresses me. (...) And she has an eye for the big picture: what story should be told? She realises this wonderfully in her pictures - Uta listens very carefully. For me, the advice on the visual possibilities was particularly valuable. It really helped me to decide what kind of photos I needed. The time and costs were clearly communicated. It's simply fun to work with Uta.

Sina Ribak, Researcher for Ecologies & the Arts

During our portrait photo session, Uta Neumann surprised me with a multitude of ideas that really appealed to my aesthetic ideas. (...) She was able to translate these spontaneously into a wide variety of successful settings and shots. This creative flow, coupled with her technical professionalism, makes Uta Neumann's work unreservedly recommendable.

Burkhard Beins, Musician

I thought it was great that Uta was able to grasp exactly what I wanted to express with the photos. Her preparatory questions helped me to do this and really get clear about it. (...) When taking the photos, Uta is very good at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera, so that the photo session ended up being a lot of fun. For that reason alone, I would highly recommend her.

Petra Runggaldier, Supervisor & Coach

What I appreciate about your way of working is that you are very precise, empathetic and present. You are also very adept at the technical aspects and at the same time easy to work with. (...)
What I appreciate about your pictures is their composition, their simultaneous clarity and sensuality as well as their attention to detail and space.
I would recommend you because you are very pleasant to work with, you are a great person and a very good photographer and you are a lot of fun to work with.

Vincenz Kokot, Poet & Musician

It is very important to Uta that her counterpart feels comfortable in front of the camera. She takes time for the sensitivities in the room and treats them sensitively and sympathetically. (...) This attentiveness and her clear eye for subtleties, character traits and moods characterize her pictures in particular.

Patrick Klingenschmitt, dramaturge & curator for contemporary music

It was a pleasure working with Uta. She understands the need to go beyond the surface level and capture the soul of a person to reflect who they are on a deep level. I can recommend her without any hesitation.

R. T., Jungian Analyst


AdK Berlin, Splitter Orchester Berlin, Bauhaus Archiv Berlin, Ensemble Mosaik, DAAD Galerie Berlin, HEAD – Kunsthochschule Genf, Pfefferkontor, Tastenwerk – Pianotechnik, Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren und Frauen, Narkoseteam Berlin || Privatkunden wie Katharina Hohmann, Liz Allbee, Burkhard Beins, Olivia Stahn, u.a.

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